Well I really have no clue how to make a guitar as far as the body and neck go but I got bored in school and started drawing this pic I Call her the green Devil Im figureing purchasing a neck through with frets because I dont wanna mess up the measurements what would be some good sites or books on tips how to make bodies and such my dads an electrician so I should be good on wiring and he was a tool shed with a sawzall but I dont know how I would go about doing a belevled edge and I dont wanna spend alot on the body (Pickups and electronics are slighty diffrent because they will be added after I know it can play)
anyways heres a pic of my dream
pretty cool man, good luck
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That looks pretty sweet! I've got a book called "make your own electric guitar and bass" and it's got pretty well everything you need to know about making a guitar. I dont know any websites though. you could do the beveled edge with a spokeshave, it'd take a while but i dont know if there are any other ways you could do it
It looks like you might be able to buy a premade SG shape body and paint it green.

That's an aswome idea I look forward to see the finished product.
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Step 1: Find a piece of wood big enough
After that, there's a lot of people on here to help you with making it. I would suggest you buy a premade neck though, www.stewmac.com has neck-thru necks (they are freaking expensive though).
If this is your first customisation attempt, find an Epiphone SG or something similar and modify it to make it look like your dream guitar.
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You're missing the inlay on the 19th fret.
Also, If you're going to do the horns on the headstock, make them bigger because a) i barely even noticed them and b) because they don't look like they won't break.
Finally, don't put a white nut on that, black all the way.
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well I dont wanna spend alot on this project probably under $500 (hopeful thinking) and its probably not gunna get going for a while because Im gunna be getting a new guitar in the following weeks. I was thinking of going to warmoth and getting a neck and having a set-through then settle with black dot inlay instead of the ones I drew.
Yeah I did a little mock up over the warmoth silloutes

what do you think?

edit revesved curve and added Rhoad V warock Pic
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