That the best way to learn guitar and styles is to start with the older and the more simpler/basic forms/styles and then work my way up through a progression,
how would you list the styles from basic or oldest to the most complex?

An example would be when you learn math you start with addition and subtraction, move upto multiplication and division, move on to exponents, parenthesis, algebra equations etc...
in terms of guitar, the oldest form of music that most guitarists use is classical, ir maybe celtic folk music, both of which are quite difficult for the most part, the simplest form of music for guitar would probably be pop rock, or pop punk, then certain types of folk music, then blues, then it really gets kind of hard to say whats more complex, because different songs within a style will have different levels of complexity (for example, there are very simple metal songs, and there are very very complex metal songs) and as i mentioned earier how old the style is doesnt really have any bearing on its complexity.
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Very true. Almost every style of music is performed by nooby amateurs on one end and by professional virtuoso on the other. Even particular songs and pieces can be played the simple way, the subtle way or anywhere in between. It will be no problem to develop your skills while keeping to whatever your favourite genre might be. No need to start with old school nursery rhymes and simple folk songs; that kind of musical education is passé. You can rock right from the start if that is what you want.
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A better way to look at it isn't buy easy or hard genre's. It's better to look at a single genre and pick out the easy songs in it, and then the harder songs in it.