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In my mind, this is not the same question as "what do you think is the best CR song?"....I'm not sure I can point out the difference, but I believe there is one.

But, if this sounds stupid, don't respond/close the thread.

Considering The Beatles as CR, right now, I really wish I had written Something. It's a beautiful song, and the chord progression is perfect. The lyrics are really meaningful, and yet it still has a perfectly crafted guitar solo. I don't think it's the best CR song...there are other songs that fit that definition much better. But to have written Something....that's really cool. Little Wing is another one I wish I'd written.

And I don't mean what song do you wish you had written because the song gave it's composer so much fame & fortune. Just based on the song, what do you wish you had written?
I actually find myself wishing I had written a bunch of songs by Jet, not a classic rock band but definitely a bunch of Beatles stuff also
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Time off of Dark Side of the Moon. Or maybe Yesterday.
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stairway to heaven
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or Pinball Wizard
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night moves - bob seger
visions of johanna - bob dylan
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wow tough question, i guess i'd have to divide it into 3 categories

1. The song i wish i wrote because i'd own the royalties: Back in Black by ACDC

2. Song that i could proudly say was my brainchild- 2112 by Rush


3. Song I wish i wrote for someone I loved- Wish you were here by Pink Floyd
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Immigrant song......Ramble On maybe.
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Money by Floyd - simple yet catchy rhythm, great solo, great lyrics. Or Any Colour you like, one of Gilmour's best solos imo. I like the funky influence.

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Anything from Animals by Pink Floyd.
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I wish I'd have written "Layla" by Derek and the Dominoes. That song is so POWERFUL!
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i can't just choose one so here goes...
wish you were here- pink floyd
comfortably numb- pink floyd
stairway to heaven- led zeppelin
free bird- lynyrd skynyrd
tuesday's gone- lynyrd skynyrd
knockin on heaven's door- bob dylan
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Like others have said before, it's hard to choose one single song, since there are so many great ones but heres a top 3.

Sunshine of Your Love- Cream
In my Life- The Beatles
St. Stephen- The Grateful Dead
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I like the guitar hook for Oh, Pretty Woman. I don't know if I wish I'd written it, but a neat little hook along those lines would be pretty cool.
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stsirway to heaven, black dog, voodoo child, little wing, baba o'riley, highway to hell
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I wish I'd have written "Layla" by Derek and the Dominoes. That song is so POWERFUL!

Too bad it's a crappy song. The version by "Derek and the Dominos" is ear-bleedingly bad to me. The Unplugged version is far superior.

I don't wish I wrote any particular classic rock song though. Classic Rock bores me to be honest. I've spent four years listening to it, and I haven't heard anything truly remarkable from the genre in a long time (The last remarkable CR song I've heard would have to be 'Xanadu', and that was over two years ago).
I wish i wrote Angel Eyes by Jeff Healy

That song is the ultimate chick getter.
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No disrespect or anything, but...then....why are you here?
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Step 1: Buy a Gibson SG
Step 2: Insert Green Ringer, EQ, 3 dead squirrels and a microwave into said SG
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Well but c'mon, dont just come here and dis it.


2112 as a brainchild

Stairway as a chart song

and Blackbird for personal satisfaction...
Frankly, I wouldn't like to have written any one song, because then (if it were a popular song), I would be classified as a One Hit Wonder. And I sometimes frown upon One Hit Wonders.
I don't mean just one song. I mean...Joe Perry can say "I wrote a lot of great riffs on our first 4 or 5 albums, but I'm really proud of writing the Walk This Way riff."

Doesn't make him a one-hit-wonder, it just means it's a riff/song he's happy he wrote.
Boston- More than a feeling
Led Zeppelin- Ten Years Gone
Rolling Stones- Wild Horses
When they kick at your front door
how are you gonna come
with your hands on your head
or on the trigger of your gun
Come together - The beatles.

No question
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
Bold As Love - Jimi Hendrix
Gonna Leave this town

Gotta leave this town

Gonna make a whole lotta money

Gonna be big yeah...
(Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin')

^ love that solo ^
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
I wish i wrote anything off of sabbath's first three albums, especially the wizard and fairies wear boots
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Do you feel like we do - peter frampton

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Piano Man
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
The Needle and the Damage Done
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Stairway to Heaven, for the vast amounts of money I would have made. And the respect for writing the radio's most requested song.
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Sine on You Crazy Diamond,

I feel like if I could have sat down and had that synth groove I coulda worked it out.
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