Ive heard a couple Muse songs (I dont know what theyre called) and I was wondering which album would be the best to start me off on the band? thanks
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If you want full-on melodramatic opera rock, Origin of Symmetry.

If you want something a bit more epic yet a bit more "normal", and the one that has the songs you probably heard, Absolution.

If you want the most recent one, and the one everyone else is listening to at the moment, Black Holes & Relevations.

If you want something a bit more subtle and not as overly dramatic, Showbiz.

Btw, there's already a HUGE Muse thread
Yeah, there's a massive Muse thread already.

But my personal favourite Muse album is Absolution.
However, I would say Origin of Symmetry is maybe a better place to start.

In the end, get them all.
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I think Origin of Symmetry is their most accessible album. It's very easy on the ears, and has that single - Plug in Baby was EVERYWHERE when it was released.

Absolution is, in my opinion, less newbie-friendly overall. Time Is Running Out/Hysteria are good listening and you've probably heard at least one of them.

Black Holes and Revelations is actually now my favourite album by Muse, but other than the leading singles probably not "typical Muse" enough to be a good "getting into" album.

Showbiz doesn't have enough of the full-throttle Muse sound to be a great first album to hear, in my opinion. It got them compared to Radiohead, in a bad light. It's still an awesome album, but get it second. Or last.
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Absolution has the best number of songs imo, Hysteria, Time is running out, stockholme syndrome, sing for absolution, butterflies and hurricanes...i got this album first and loved it...its definately an amazingly epic album, awesomely produced aswell.

Origin of symmetry is also amazing, more raw than Absolution, and also has some awesome songs, plug in baby, new born, bliss, hyper music (my favourite muse song ever...) etc...

Black holes and revelations is my overall favourite album by muse, my fave songs are starlight, super massive black hole, map of the problematique, invincible, knights of cydonia. If you like the singles (starlight, KoC, Supermassive black hole) id say get this album first, but i know some people really dont like this side of muse, i personally cant see why

Showbiz is quite weak compared to the other albums, but its still a good album in its own right, with songs like muscle museum, fillip, cave, showbiz, and sober...id say get this album last i did, and i dont think i would have appreciated as much if i wasnt used to the other albums...

Imo Black Holes... Origin of symmetry and Absolution are all pretty equal, and it depends on how you like the singles from each one on the order you get them...and then you should get showbiz last
my favorite cd from them is showbiz, it has so many amazing songs like unintended, falling down. muscle museum, and fillip. its very unique stuff i really liked it but then again different people like different things...

other than that i really liked absolution and i thought origin had its good moments, i havent picked up their new cd yet so i cant tell you how that it...
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