Time (Live or Die)

Growing up is way to fast
Without the days to cry and laugh
Desperately trying to hold on to
This life and the look I see in you
Can you help me to find my way
Not to get lost from day to day
Fear to fall consumes my mind
In this hell so cruel unkind
Hour by hour the countdown falls
A knock on the door the unknown calls
Pick up my life and here I go
Will I survive only time will show

Leaving the days I love and know
Time stands still or moves so slow
I can?t see my life ahead

I can?t afford to lose control
I have something to prove I know
I know it won?t be easy but I can
See the light to guide me
I can feel this life break down
Getting by just not to drown
In a world that I don?t know
Will I live only time will show

The sun is burning the blood red skin
As my breath grows weak and thin
Trying hard to close my eyes
And ignore the hate and lies
Everything just seems so fake
As if the worlds just theirs to take
No one sees the flames I see
Burning both you and me
If you refuse your destiny
Then your life was not meant to be
Crawl to run just to fall
Life?s never yours not at all

still working on this one. let me know what you guys think.
Don't like it. Nothing personall, just sounds generic to me. You have potential though.
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