I'm taking lessons and my teacher said he will teach my how to improvise. If I know how to improvise, then will I be able to play any songs I want to learn? I know improvising is making music?
Improvising is thinking of music on the spot, and playing it
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yea i mean i guess it can help cause technically playing on strings can help. but not really but its like if u wanna do a solo u can and not need to play a solo someone else did/ you previously taught urself. it makes guitar much funner.
Being able to improvise means knowing the notes you want to play in your head and then being able to transfer them to your instrument. So if you know a song that you wana play, it will be alot easier to just work it out from memory rather than reading a tab.
Improvising isn't quite the same thing as being able to learn a song by ear. Both are very valuable skills to have and both take practice.
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and...how do i do that?

when i improvise i just take licks and chops that i know and put them together and maybe add some filling notes in and scale runs.

the more you practice at it the better you get.