how much does ur average paint job cost (by paint job i mean total repaint to a different colour). How much would a flat black be and how much would sunburst be?
are you going to do it yourself or professionally done, but the sunburst would be more because of the burst, flat black is cheap normally, ive never acctually hired someone to repaint a guitar i normally do it myself since my guitars get sweat on them about 5 years they need a new job
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If you get someone who specialises in Guitar spraying then it can be fairly costly, dependant on what you want done.

If you have a shop in your town that does custom paint jobs for cars then they can spray your guitar cheaply for you. What you have to do though is check that they are happy to do the work, take all the hardware off your guitar, sand it down so the old paint job or finish is gone and tell them that you want thin layers of high quality paint (say 4 thin layers). If they are a real good custom shop then they should also be able to spray patterns and designs for you.