i've never heared that song before so i can't comment if you did it right or wrong.
it sounded quite right to me though
vocals weren't very clear due to the recording quality but i had the impression they were pretty good as well as the guitar.
ok , firstly you need to work on the strumming while playing guitar. I have played that song a million times and you need to really get the strum pattern down pat before you sing to it. Also you need to slow it down a little.

Ok the chorus your comin at the wrong time and once again the strummings very sketchy, i recommend listening to the song a bit more i guess to fix the singing part.

I recorded a quick part the song and i tried to emphasize the singin part and guitar, so you can have a listen and hopefully learn a little :

http://www.purevolume.com/philandfriends (opportunity)

Im just getting over a cold so my voice is a bit shallow at the moment so just ignore the quality and i dont really know the words.

If you need anymore help i also know the piano part to that song and i could tell you how to play it its very simple. Also if there is any other jack johnson or Pete murray song you need help with i can also do that, i know almost every one. Cheers.
hey thanx for all tha help, soz about the late reply.. i'l try n fix tha stummin ay.
is there anythin u want me 2 crit. 4 u??