Hello! I was thinking of buying an electroacoustic guitar below 200$
I was thinking on getting something used on eBay, because I would get a better guitar for the money, what you guys think? I would prefer an Acoustic with the color black or with a dark color, but that's not really important. It's just to be different from the one I have
Can I use normal amplifiers, like a Roland Cube 60 or a Fender Frontman for this kind of guitars?
Is an ElectroAcoustic guitar worth it or will I get a better Acoustic guitar for the money?

Thanks a lot and sorry for the lots of questions
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Buying a guitar on eBay can be kinda tricky. The hard fact is that you really can't be sure about what you're getting. There are safeguards in place to help insure that condition is as represented. But what kind of tone the guitar may have is the question. Generally speaking, quality guitars of same make/model will have some variation in tone from one guitar to the next. But rarely will a quality instrument sound like crap. So if you're not real picky the savings can offset the gamble of not being able to presonally select a guitar w/tone that "just right" to your ear.
I posted a detailed thread w/my advice about buying used acoustic guitars a couple weeks ago which included advice on buying on eBay. I imagine it's now several pages back in the archives. But IMO it might be worth your while to go back and find it.
I've bought several guitars on eBay w/mixed results. I don't think I've ever really been ripped off as far as condition. But I've been disappointed w/few of them as far as tone. Good buys, just not what I had hoped for.
My most recent Ebay buy was a good one. Everything I had hoped for. BUT...I watched eBay for MONTHS, asking questions of sellers, deciding against bidding on some that seemed questionable to me. And bidding and being outbid on some that the sale price (including shipping) went OVER the amount I was willing to pay. But patience eventually paid off. I got what I wanted in great condition for actually less than I was willing to pay. And it came w/a HS case.
One possible red flag that might effect you is your location. Unless you only bid on guitars being sold in Europe, shipping costs could really add up.
I'm not to familiar w/how well Ebay works in Europe. But most guitar sellers I see on Ebay USA won't even ship overseas. And if they do, it's gonna be pricey.
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i would never buy an acoustic online. you can get a arts and lutherie guitar for under $400. under 200 with electronics is a bit cheap.
Your better off getting a regular acoustic which youll be able to get better quality for same price. I bought an acoustic yesterday and it was a yamaha for 230$ shipping was 25$ so for 255$ I got a 400$ guitar. Lets hope its good lol.
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