I use some sexy Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky 0.105 - 0.45 inch bass strings. They certainly do the business when it comes to heavy metal ^_^
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I use to always just go for the Ernie Ball strings as my guitar playing mates praised them highly, and I was fairly happy with them (Slinkys). But as I did some research and have started playing more, so I wanted to try a different brand (because as you might know bassists know more about strings than guitarists and appreciate subtle differences). So after much recommendation I got some DRs - Low Riders (Heavy Gauge - wanted to give them a try on my new bass).
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^i clicked it

Rotosound Pinks 45 - 105
Ernie ball Slinky 45 - 135
and whatever came on my cort (d'addario 45 - 105 i think)
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^^^^i clicked it,

i use GHS BOOMERS, just gave em a boiling
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