whenever i try to shift fingers on the fret board, its so hard to seperate my pinky finger from my ring finger. so as a solution, i just fold my pinky finger to play with just three fingers. is that okay?

also if anyone had the same problem, how did you solve it?

...i play bass so the fret board is a bit wider which is why i have difficulty. also, i'm kinda new at this >< started practicing 2 months ago. help?
Learn to control your pinky, don't just set it aside. You've only been playing for two months, just keep practicing.
Do not deny your pinky. You will need it sooner or later. Just keep practicing some stretching routines and such, to get your pinky used to leaving the ring finger. Alsom, another good way to loosen it from your other finger is to type with all four fingers, and that will eventually getthe pinky to be more independent.
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A way that is helping me is to not keep my palm on the neck (the fatty part at the base of your 4 fingers, I think you thumb is fine).

This will help you keep your pinky off your ring finger. I've never had the problem, but I do have a problem moving my pinky in the direction I want to go.

It will help both BTW.
odd. i type with all five fingers and i still have difficulty.

i think i'll try what PearlJam said. i think i saw Flea do that once....i think.