hey i wanted to build a pedal (my first) i wanted to know what is the best pedal for a beginner to build i would like to build a distortion pedal. i have some soldering experience. i wanted to know any good tuturial sites and some good shops in the U.K to get the material. Thanks
type it into google, look for smallbox or arons stombox page. these tell you how to do what you need and where to buy it
tonepad has some really good beginner projects. You obviouslt know all the soldering gear that you need, and you will also need some sort of board to put it on. I normally use www.rshelectronics.co.uk or www.rapidelectronics.co.uk (<-- that may not be right, google rapid electronics if its wrong) for my components, theyre nice and cheap and efficient.
no problem dude, depending where you live in London, i could be like an hour and a bit away from you tops, londoners gotta stick together eh!