Hey guys i am looking to make a cab and well....i have no idea how to make one.
And yes i did check the sticky.
I want to make a bass thing bassically and i'm on a tight bugdet like maybe 150 dollars.Its just a project for fun.
thanks in advance.
Get ohms right

Decide on your wiring scheme

Make a box
dump in a few speakers
wire it as planned

I think I am so vague that my penis is looking blurry now.
If I were you I'd quit bass, take up guitar, then build a cab. Decent bass cabs are much harder to design than decent guitar cabs. Because bass frequencies are much lower, the internal area and porting of the cab becomes more important, whereas for guitars it's acceptable to have closed/open back of almost any volume. Are you sure you checked the sticky? It's got all the answers for what you want.