Just realized that blues licks and solos are pretty nice, but i dont listen to any blues so i dont know which bands that play cool blues stuff. Anyone who can give me a tip or two on some cool blues solos or licks? would be very much apreciated.
Something in the intermediate difficulty level
Thank you.
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Alice in Chains and all that Grunge type stuff have a heavy Blues influence so check all that stuff out.
Malmsteens Blue is Damn good for blues licks also
Joe Satriani is heavily rooted in the blues sound, check him out
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Joe Satriani is heavily rooted in the blues sound, check him out

He uses all kinds of scales which are way outside the traditional blues canon, and I hardly think the threadstarter was thinking of Satch type solos when he decided that blues solos sound nice.

OK, threadstarter dude, quick rundown of bues scales, which are, y'know, the first things you'll need:

Blues Scale: Name give you a clue? This is your standard pentatonic but with the b5 thrown in. Loads of hard rock and metal guitarists use this as well, so no problems there really.
Minor and Major Pentatonics: You probably know these. Blues players (see Clapton, SRV) tend to mix these up a lot in there solos, which sounds cool.
Blues Box: This is the major pentatonic with the fourth added, and with neither the minor nor major thirds played directly; you hit them by bending from the second instead.

This is your basic stuff. Blues players often use chromatics too. Post-BB King, vibrato and bends are absolutely key to blues playing. Lots of slide (the style, not the technique) in blues as well... erm. I think that's it, this should get you started.

Check out BB King, Clapton, SRV and Hendrix, as well as countless hard rock and heavy metal players in the case of the blues scale.
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Slash has very bluesy solos, as do Jimmy Page and Hendrix. Check out David Gilmour from Pink Floyd, too. All 4 are your basic standbys, but they're legends for a reason.
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