does it matter if the capacitors are electrolytic or not as long as i have the right uf an stuff? asi went out last night and bought electrolytic ones when it didnt say on the diagram wheather it was or not ......this is my first build.....this is the schem i am using

i would like to get a couple of opinions please
The one on the right (22uF) and bottom (2.2uF) are electrolytic - they have polarity marked on the schematic, so make sure the positive end goes to the right connection (the one with a + marked on it). The one at the top doesn't have a polarity sign, so I don't know if it matters or not. It's being used as an output filter, it takes away any DC voltage and leaves only the AC signal to go through to the volume control. I'm sure you can use polarised caps there, but I can never remember which way round is safest, because I always use non-polarized there.
yea, polarity matters when labeled, but if theres no polarity dont worry about it. Also, where did you get this schem?