I recently decided I was going to buy a Schecter Hellraiser... but then I found myself wanting to play more than Metal.... Ranging from Rise against, to AC/DC, to just about anything rock. And from what I hear, Hellraisers are JUST for metal....

Also, I have no clue about Amps. I am totally un-educated when it comes to amps and Am lookin for a decent amp and guitar with my birthday and christmas comin up.

Any ideas? If you need anymore information just let me know... Price range for each is about... $600 USD for the guitar and $400-500 USD for amp...
What guitar do you have now?

And spend more on an amp (a used JCM900 combo would suit you)
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hmm...maybe get a Epiphone Les Paul and a Vox AD50VT amp? the epiphone should be very versatile for the range of music ure into and ive been hearing great things about Vox amps...
It doesnt matter really the price range... nothin over 1000 (combined total of 1000) The guitar I have no is crap. Epiphone Starter Pack with a 10w amp and a crappy Epiphone Gibson that sucks so bad its broken on me twice...
Get an Agile 2800 for your guitar, they're around 300 bucks, and they are really good. As far as for a new amp, take the rest of that money, and get something nice and big, I'm not big on what guitar amps are for what.