A 4 or a 5 (or 6), its just a question that popped into my head, at my local music store. Some people prefer 4 some 5. Me i like 5 strings for slapping, because the strings are so much closer together, or maybe its just cause im a ub3r n00b to slap (on the one i play at least). What about you all.
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i find that its easier to slap when the strings are wider apart (i assumed that was the idea with musicman basses having wider spacing). i like 4 strings but i have a 'fetish' for 5 string fretless basses.
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i think slap is better with the strings further apart like on the M-M
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4 and 6. I love pops on the c. And slapping the e on the b string is pretty kickass. And like i've said quite a few times i can't stand odd number of strings. I'm not really sure why. But i do.
i learned to slap on a 5, and its deffinately different than a 4. the 5 you really have to get used to muting the low b all the time, it tends to sound off whenever you slap. i actually find that slapping well on the 5 tightens my technnique, and i can slap even better on the 4 cause i have more room.
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I much prefer a 4 string when playing slap

But I've gotten used to slapping on my 5 string now
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