Which one? These are what I've narrowed it down too (no, I'm not going to buy an Ibanez S series, they're ugly bastards). The C-1 is at the very top of my price range (£400).

EDIT: Sorry, I meant the C1 Elite.
Go and try whichever one you like...it's YOUR opinion, besides, sound matters, looks not as much.
The only one I can find to try is the RG No shops near me have any of the others in stock.
The S series are not ugly bastards!

the Ibanez has a horrible trem, so might as well cancel that out
the rest i dont know about
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The Classics are exactly the same as the Elites aren't they? I thought they just had different inlays and finishes.
that RG has a bad trem i think, not sure about schecters, but i'd take the jackson...
EDIT: if you don't really need a trem, you could get jackson DK2T. th same thing, just string-through and with rosewood fretboard...
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Am I right in thinking the Schecter has the fattest neck? I hate chunky Les Paul style necks
^^yeah, i think so... schecter neck>jackson neck>ibanez neck (that's size not quality)...
i prefer the jackson neck (i have the 2005 DK2)... it has the bulky bolt on to be honest but i don't mind that...
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Hmmm, ok.....

Schecter C-1 Elite
Pros: Good reviews, damm sexy looking, set neck, string thru, coil splitting, rare guitar in the UK
Cons: Duncan designed, fattest neck, string thru

Schecter Damien FR
Pros: Tremolo, good reviews, locking nut, looks good, cheap (£300)
Cons: bolt on neck, fattest neck, EMG H4's, LFR

Jackson DK2M
Pros: Real Duncans (JB and Jazz), good reviews, tremolo, locking nut,direct swap for OFR
Cons: LFR, worst looking, bolt on neck (I think)

Pros: Cheapest, looks good, tremolo, locking nut, good reviews, thinnest neck
Cons: Edge III bridge, bolt on neck, poor pickups.

Hard choice I've phoned around all the guitar shops I can, and they either don't have those models in stock, or don't stock any from the same company (Schecter)
check out the jackson DK2T. no trem to worry about, it's a string-trough so you get more sustain and easier tuning... looks great IMO, really fast neck, real duncans. the only con left is bolt on, but that's only if you really need those high frets very often, which i personally don't give a damn about...
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The Classics are exactly the same as the Elites aren't they? I thought they just had different inlays and finishes.

The elites have Duncan Designed pickups, the Classics have real Seymour Duncan pickups.
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Jackson DK2M
Cons: LFR, worst looking, bolt on neck (I think)

I own a DK2M, so you can heed my advice. The LFR is very well made. They revamped the build from the 2005 DK2s and started making them better. My bridge has never gone out of tune since I got it (about three weeks ago) and I've played it every day for at least 3 hours. I take offense to you calling the beautiful maple neck with the black inlays ugly, but to each his own. Finally, the bolt is very low (It starts at the 18th fret) which gives more than enough space to reach to the 24 fret. Though, if you don't need the tremelo, don't buy the Jackson simply because you'd be paying for a tremelo you don't need. I can't recommend any of your other choices since I've never played them, but I have played a Schecter Exotic and that was very nice. If you want you could save up for that. Its pickups are a dream. Another thing to mention about the DK2M is the neck is unfinished, which means it's not glossy and never picks up any sweat or residue from your hands. This is very usual for playing live since the neck stays as fast at the end of the show as it was in the beginning. My vote goes to the Jackson, but I'm biased since I own it. Try your best to play these guitars, or at least guitars that feel like your choices (any RG, Schecter, Dinky). Best of luck.
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Cheers for the advice guys, I'm gonna search outsome shops that have some in stock. Anyways, keep 'em coming.