I just finished the first cover i ever did with my new Takamine ND25C guitar.
It's Jack Johnson's Flake.

The Link is in my signature.
Let me know what you think about it.

If you want me to crit your work leave a linkt to your thread.

Nice cover, the guitar was done just right. You doing the vocals?
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Rock on y'all!

Nice vox! havent heard the original, but this is a nice song. As its Jack Johnson, I take it its only guitar and vox that r on the actual recording. Guitar work is nice, but theres a wierd noise at pointbehind the actual guitar line, not sure if its meant to be like that. Since i havent heard original, I cant really check how close the vox are to original, but they do sound pretty alright. This is ur first song in ages isnt it? lol also, nice "Under The Bridge" cover aswell.

This is my first song since a while yap. Broke my old guitar... got my new one last week, so...
The album version of "Flake" is pretty much different from what i did. I did it how JJ does it live.
I might cover Under the Bridge too sometime if you liked it (with my new guitar it will rock ).
that guitar sounds amazing, how do you record?

the song was done well, you played it great

I also really liked A Rush Of Blood To The Head, but I love that song anyway
thanks alot.

For the recording i used my guitar (Takamine) my soundcard (Audigy 2ZS) and my mic (Omnitronic M-52, that is **** btw..). My guitar got a preamp, so i can plug it directly into the line-in of my soundcard which is indeed pretty cool.
Cool how its an electro acoustic. Im getting one in a few days. Would u say it makes a big difference when it comes to quality?
Quote by gallagher2006
Cool how its an electro acoustic. Im getting one in a few days. Would u say it makes a big difference when it comes to quality?

well that depends
i used to record my guitar with my (quite crappy) mic and it didnt sound half as good as via line-in.
But i think it depends on the preamp that's in your guitar.
Mine is pretty good so it does sound awesome, sound quality is comparable to the quality of the guitar sound you got from Jack Johnsons live recordings. Of course it's no studio sound as most artist record their guitars with expensive mics in the studio.
unreal sound? =D
well that's how electro acoustic guitars sound like if they're plugged into an amp.
First off I'd like to say I love Jack Johnson.

You nailed the strumming pattern right on, and the tone on the guitar was awesome. I would have enjoyed the slide part at the end if you know how to play it.

As for the Vox, I thought that they were good, but were alittle too drawn out. I know JJ has the smoothest voice ever but one of the best things about his singing is that while hes smooth he also is very sticcato in his pronunciations. Focus on pronouncing the end of lines more in the Vox will be awesome. Good job though man keep up the good work.

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