Hey, I would really appreciate if you guys could help recc. me some wahs. I was considering the Crybaby from Hell or the Vox.

Really, I'm looking for a wah to just jam on and I want it to be versatile...a good page, slash, and Kirk sound.

Yeah, so like I said, I'm trying to narrow it down before I get to the music shop--since I'm not going to have enough time to play everything there. Thanks in advanced.
The guys at my nearest guitart shop think the crybaby from hell isn't worth all the extra cash. get the crybaby 535q
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^I have the 535Q, and its awesome.

I'd definatley go with that.

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the weeping demon by ibanez is very versatile, and it has great features, but i forget the price. id go with that though. but i guess the vox is pretty good too

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ya id go somewhere and try out the dunlop 535q and gcb 95 (what i have). i love mine but it does seem that the 535q is the big competitor against the gcb. so go to a shop and try them both.
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Thanks for the responses.

Well, so I guess it's then between the weeping demon, 535Q. I'm guessing that the Vox won't have the versatility I'm looking for?

Also, the 535Q and the crybaby from hell are basically the same wahs...just a bit more powerfull on the crybaby's side?