I'd put this in the Electric Guitar forum so as not to be bashed by a bunch of UG veterans.
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goes in the electric guitar forums, and SG standards are amazing guitars.
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yah very good unless custom made (dont take my advice, half of the time i dont even know where i am)
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is this a good guitar or bad guitar? ive heard different things
I've owned three SGs and all three of them were excellent vehicles for playing lead. They're OK for rhythm guitar, but I felt they really shone in the lead role. As you probably know, the SG was to have been the new model of the Les Paul 'way back when but Les himself didn't like the way the neck/body joint felt in his hands - it didn't feel sturdy enough to him. I concur with his evaluation. The neck just never felt all that solidly joined to the body for my tastes. Having said that, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one if I were in the market for a thin solid-body. The two Standards and one Custom I owned sounded absolutely magnificent through the old Marshall stack I had at the time. I say go for it...
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go to a guitar shop and play one, then you'll find out
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