What's a good, cheap tube head? I want to spend under $1,000, preferably $500-$700. The only cheap Marshalls are either solid state with crappy effects built-in, or hybrid and I want all tube. There is no such thing as a cheap Mesa (unfortunately). So far I've looked at the Carvin Master Tube head, which is $650. Any other suggestions?
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peavey windsor is pretty cheap.. single channel tube head but has a marshall type circuit.

The carvins are pretty good actually.. they have thier own distinct sound.
go used and you can find plenty of marshall tube heads under $700

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used jcm900 for about 500

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Carvin makes amazing amps. At least test out the MTS and Legacy.
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you can get a all tube b-52 for really cheap and from what i hear they are excellent amps
Used Marshall JCM800, JCM900, and some JCM2000s if you want aswell.
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B-52 AT 100. Amp is good for just about anything you play.

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