so i just got the crazy idea to try to make a fretless,scalloped, guitar.
do you guys thik it would work?
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It's pretty pointless imo. Either scallop it or make it fretless, doing both is kind of counter-productive.

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well on a scallop u scalop in between the frets where you play, but on a fretless you play where the fret would be, so its just gonna be pointless and retarded, but good try
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It's don't think it's a complete dumbass move, I remember reading Yngwie got the idea to scallop by repairing some instrument that was fretless and scalloped (the Scalloped loops acted as the frets)
What does scalloped mean?

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Well since it's already fretless, you can do whatever you want between the frets, makes it triangle or penis shaped, but it won't become a fretless.

Why bother with fretless with you are going to scallop, and why bother scalloping when you are going fretless

reminds me of a dude, SCOLLAP..

Scollap is a type of weird fungus that grows on your penis and on the fretboard, it makes it sharper.
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What does scalloped mean?

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it just wouldnt work. at all.
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the whole point of scalloping is so your fingers dont touch wood when your fretting notes, the strong only touches the metal fret and your finger only touches the string, not the fretboard....it wouldnt work at all.
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it probably won't work unless you use like really, really, really heavy strings. when you make a guitar fretless, you have huuuuuuuuuuuge sustain and clarity probably because the string doesn't resonate nearly as much do to less weight. unless you use heavy strings and very heavy fretboard wood, it won't work.
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^^But if you were using heavy strings it would erode your fretboard even faster, however heavy the wood is.
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errr wont doing that be the same as having frets, each "ridge" will act as a fret so i dont know why you would do that, its a waste of time and effort plus it looks sht