What's up with the hardcore boards these days? Nothing new, nothing fresh, so I dedicied to make a thread.

Basicly, mention your favourite/worse of whatever in this genre... Try to name the band opposed to vocals, so people know who you're on about.

Worst Vocals: Agnostic Front
Best Vocals: Comeback Kid, Madball, Killswitch with Jesse Lynch, demo/self titled

Worst Guitars: Killswitch Engage (End Of Heartache), Atreyu,
Best Guitars: The Warriors, Lye By Mistake, Between The Buried And Me

Best Bass: Terror
Worse Bass: Killswitch Engage

Best drums: Agnostic Front
Worse: They all seem to be good these days...
all shall perish is good all around
killswitch pwns
madball sucks balls they sound liek nu metal rather than hardcore
myspace.com/atrest they are good hardcore **** and metal too
Best Vox: As I Lay Dying
Best Guitar: DEP/Unearth

Worst Vox: Unearth
Worst Guitar: Norma Jean
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Best vox: All That Remains
Best Guitar: DEP, BTBAM

Worst vox: AILD
Worst guitar: Yeah, Norma Jean takes the cake.
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Best clean vox: BTBAM
Best scream: AILD
Worst Vocals: Atreyu, A7X, Job for a Cowboy

Best Guitar: BTBAM, DEP
Worst Guitar: Norma Jean, A7X, Atreyu
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Best vox-Lamb of God
Worst vox-Atreyu, JFAC, WTC, All Shall Perish

Best guitar-Lamb of God,BTBAM(love Pauls tone and style)
worst guitar-AILD, Norma Jean, All Shall Perish
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Best Vox - Josh Scogin, as cities burn
Worst Vox - A7X

best guitar - august burns red
worst guitar - the chariot

whats with everyone hating norma jean? bastards...
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bext vox: TTEOTD
worst vox: underoath

best guitar:unearth
worst guitar:underoath ( i really dont like them)

yo norma jeans guitars maybe simple but they make it sound so sick
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worst guitar-..., All Shall Perish

Are you serious? Have you even heard The Price of Existence? Excellent guitar work.

Best Vox: ATR, The Fall of Troy
Best Guitar: The Human Abstract, PTH, Dead to Fall, All Shall Perish

Worst Vox: A7X, Haste the Day, Fear Before...
Worst Guitar: Too many to list
Best Vox:Still Remains
Best Guitar:The Showdown, As Blood Runs Black

Worst Vox:The Fall of Troy, Atreyu
Worst Guitar:Can't think of any at the moment.

Best Drums:Wecamewithbrokenteeth, As Blood Runs Black
Worst Drums:Chiodos