I'm thinking about getting a guitar teacher. He charges $15 for a half an hour and the shop owner I buy strings and stuff from says he's one of the best he's ever had in his shop. Thats saying alot seeing how Buzzo (The shop owner, Geneseo NY, you should know him if you live anywhere near ) has had his shop open az VERY long time.

Just looking for opinions.
Well i pay £10 for an half hour, and its well worth it.

So id say thats a pretty good rate.
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Well I think I'll call him and ask for a half an hour with him and decide if I want to keep learning from him.
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I pay 20$ for private classes... which usually lasts between 1-3hours. And yes that was a THREE you saw, not a typo.

I wish my lessons could be that long XD

I play $54 a month, but he's an EXTREMELY good guitarist and is really good at teaching stuff (shouldn't all teachers be tho?).
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I pay $21 dollars for half an hour but everyone who goes to the shop pays that...
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I would be paying 70 bux a month for 4 30 min. sessions... but that seems a bit high for me so heh...
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$30, but he came to my house and would stay anywhere from 1-2 hours.
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I charge $15 for a half-hour lesson, but I'm not a clock-watcher. I *might* only go 25 minutes, but I'm more likely to go 40-ish.

In my experience, a half-hour-ish is plenty for a lesson. My teachers (who I paid upwards to $50/half-hour while I was getting my degree) could always give me enough to work on in that half hour to keep me busy for months. Any extra time on top of that is mostly just paid hand-holding while you practice.

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since we are in the topic of teacher..anybody live in singapore and know of any teacher??
^ Singapore is a really big place ^
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haha..ok so its just a small island..most lesson here are group lesson and cost quite alot..
I pay ?54/month, with 30 minute lessons each week.
Learning, like always.
i pay 20/hour, but my teacher often goes offtopic and it's ****ing annoying. make sure your teacher is TEACHING YOU.
£20/hour. :S considering that i live off £3 a day it's a dent, but well worth it.
$25 AUD / 30 mins

usually goes for an hr depending tho

its steep but worth it, if your guy just shows u how to tune the guitar, or doesnt ask u what direction u want (e.g. lead guitarist, rhythm, malmsteen style, etc.etc. )
that means his limited and charging 25/30 mins is way too much for inexperienced loser guitar teaachers
I pay 8 to 10 Euros for an hour or longer (depends on how long we're duscussing at the end :P), I think that's really cheap because my teacher is quite good.
I pay $25 an hour and that was the cheapest I was able to find on Craigslist. My teacher is good and fun. I don't have anyone else to play guitar with. >_> I saw some guy charging $60 an hour for guitar lessons. That's like...a buck a minute.