i really wanna learn how to play fast solos and that and play fast metals songs but i just dont seem how they do it. So does anyone know how to play guitar fast?
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try out the exercises on that tab, play them A LOT and they will halp you build up your speed. in short, there is no easy way to play fast
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try some of the practice lessons on UG...there are plenty to help with that kind of stuff.
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Start playing a lot of exercises and scales. Begin at a very slow speed and gradually build up to speed you need, use a metronome to ensure you keep good timing.

Dont expect this to happen anytime soon, you will need to practise with dedication and have patience
Try a subscription to a guitar magazine, they often get shredders in to give guests lessons which might be helpful. In fact, they do nothing apart from get shredders in to give guests lessons...
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