Hey, my mate has recently taken up bass, and a few of us have got a band going.

Any suggestions for popular songs we could cover which have a very prominent bass line, an easy one ideally.

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes is the best one I can think of. Vocals might be a bit of a challenge though.
Dance, Dance bye Fall Out Boy
You won't find much love for them here though.
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seven nation army - white stripes

Just to help the way my band does it is:

Chorus:bass + guitar
solo: Guitar (obviously) but the bass plays the main riff

same as above^^
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NIB - Black Sabbath

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Cocaine-JJ cale, but you might have didfficulty with the guitar part.
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foghat - slow ride
almost anything from Led Zeppelin
pink floyd - another brick in the wall pt. 2 not really dominant but simple and very dynamic
and i know noone likes these guys, but:
limp bizkit - rearranged
rage against the machine songs. badass bass
and of course, anything with cliff burton

Get some laughs from playing that.
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play that funky music white boy

my sherona

miss murder

that new gorrilaz tune i can never remember the name of it, its like windmills in the sky or something
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feel good inc is fun to play
also black eyed peas, lets get retarded
and the jackson 5 - i want you back. im a guitarist, and those fun songs make me wanna get a bass. and u can do things like mylo - drop the pressure hahaa
under pressure, by queen and david bowie, very prominent well known bassline thats also very easy.
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