hey guys, the other day i went into the shop for a new set of strings for my electric and told the guys i wanted a set of light gauge strings. So he reaches back and gets them and im off. But when I get home, I realize he actually gave me super light strings. Since I didn't have tiime to go back i just put them on any way. Obviously they are really easy to hold down, but when playing fast solo stuff and slides, they give me problems because the string bends too easy and it just feels really awkward. So does any one else think the string gauge really makes such a big difference? Thanks in advance.
I agree completely. I play a strat with 11's and occasionally 12's, and it feels quite awkward to play anything less. I went to this party a few weeks ago that had a band playing covers. Anyway, someone told the guitarist that I play, so he gave me his guitar (a Tele with 9's) to fill in for him on a few songs...and it was really difficult. Every bend went way too sharp and my vibrato was ****e.

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But once you got used to it wouldnt having lighter strings make playing a lil easier?
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Probably, but heavier strings sound better.

I've never really noticed a difference in tone when it comes to string guage. I agree with you though, I also prefer heavier strings, but not because they're supposed to sound better, but becuase they're more comfortable with me and they break less easily.
Yeah, I hate playing light strings now. I play 13s, so because of my callouses I can't even feel 9s or 10s anymore...
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I have mainly used 9s on my electric and I have no problem with bends and vibrato. It just takes getting used to.

But yeah, it seems the heavier the gauge, the better the sound.
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i think 12's are my favorite, but my tension always gets fuc*ed up with any strings heavier than 11's.

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I play with 9's and not problem at all with bending and stuff like that. Its about to get used to it. They maybe affects about the playability, but not that much i think.
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i play with 11's with the three bottom strings from a heavy pack to make a medium/heavy set. right now though im playing .0105's. its some light plus guage and its pretty close to playing 11's. but i usuall dont go lower than 11. its really weird to play 9's i find. its too easy and ill end up bending to far. i think they sound small and weak too. like this past weak i had heavys on my guitar and me and my friends were jamming. my guitar sounded so strong and full and theirs sounded just weak. it didnt help that i also play through a bass amp lol. but even my friends through a bass amp is not as good.

but 9's or 10's are easier to do fast stuff i find because you can hammer on easier i find. plus you can just bend and do things faster with out as much effort. but you will get used to the heavier strings and it wont really matter after that.
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