I have a backup guitar which is a cheap strat copy, but I like it as it was my first ever one, so has some sentimental value.

Recently, I was playing it and my strap broke, and it dropped and hit the floor. The neck isn't bent or anything, but now the strings don't seem to work properly. They buzz and it doesn't matter which fret i hold, it only seems to play one note all the way up the string.

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this problem? I wondered if it just needed tightening up?

Any input would be fantastic, thanks in advance
raise the action, i think. On a stoptail, turn the screws on the bridge to the right. IDK how on a strat, i hate mine and never use it.

EDIT: sorry, I just realized i didn't help you at all
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i did the same thing...(well i threw mine but same difference)...mines a strat copy too...but i hate it...just buy a new one...keep it but buy a new one
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check your neck and see if it has curved or bowed, if its straight then try rightening the neckplate bolts
Sounds like the neck might be out of alignment, i would take off the bolts, clean the socket and then replace the neck making sure its placed correctly in the socket, then tighten the bolts.
yeah you may just want to nail it to the wall and call it a day
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well... be thankful that its not a gibson or the headstock wouldave broke clean off lmao
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just go to a local guitar shop and ask for it servicing it will only cost maximum £30

Wha...? Ask the local guitar shop for servicing?
They are ugly and bastards there though...

That's outrageous.
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No thanks.
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No they aren't. Just ask for a set-up, and will cost you 30 bucks. Definitely worth it.
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Wha...? Ask the local guitar shop for servicing?
They are ugly and bastards there though...

That's outrageous.
Their penis is small too, and I am not that desperate
No thanks.

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yeah, the tuners work, but the guitar sounds tinny, and there is no noticeable difference in sound between playing say, fret 1 of the e string and fret 10. especially as you go from about fr 12 onwards...

i have given the screws on the guitar a general tightening up, i will follow the advice of taking off the neck and refixing it i think. what is the likeliness it is just my strings that are busted? thanks for the replies, as for fixing it to the wall, to be honest it is not impreative that i get it fixed (hence the length of time between my first post and this one) but i feel that it is probably not a big job and for the sake of an hour or two id like to get it working again

ummm first off you might still wanna see if your guitars bridge is still parallel to the body. then you wanna check your tuning and intonation. and then neck angle. and finally your action
Same thing just happend to my strat, I brought it to my local shop but they couldnt figure it out they think it might be the neck. But they didnt really know what to do. I'm taking it back to guitar center soon I think I might just need a new neck. Tell me if you find out whats wrong with yours though.
this happened to my old bronze series BC Rich (the power of Christ compells you!!! )... check to see if the fretboard is still totally attached to the neck.