I finally got around to totally restringing my LP after about a year (I know, I know). It feels a lot better on the high 4 strings. However, my bottom 2 strings are vibrating like a mofo, and it sounds really tinny and crappy. I turned them really high to try to stretch them out then tuned them from below, but the 6th and 5th string still sound like they're being played through an old radio. Will they work themselves out or did I do something terribly wrong?
it may b a dirt problem in the nut, next time u change or strings, clean the nut, or it may have somethin to do with the bridge needing adjusting (someone correct me if im wrong)
try raising the bottom of the guitar, i tink its the bridge, u should be able to make the string higher. all u need is a little alum key, u mite have got one iwth the guitar??? -chris-
When you put the new strings on which guage did you use? And was that the guage that was on before you changed them?