maples good for the neck (although so is mahogany). some people consider basswood a good wood as it has a tone roughly inbetween alder and mahogany, but i don't reckon on it.
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The most commen woods for a solid body electrics are mahogany, alder, ash, swamp ash, basswood, and poplar. These woods are good for the body because they are relativly light and strong. Some wood that are still good but are either heavier than what is usualy wanted, expensive, or just have a funny name are Koa, cherry, pear, tasmanian blackwood, and monkeypod. Other woods that would work well for a body but are not used often because they are soft are Spruce, Cedar, and Pine. It's also commen to have a top plate on the guitar that is a different type of wood. The top plates add color to the overall tone. Typically top plates are too heavy to build a whole solid body from but they are often used for acoustic bodies. Good top plates are Bloodwood, Koa, Maple, honduran rosewood, goncalo Alvis, tasmanian blackwood, wenge, east indian rosewood, African blackwood, amazon rosewood, bocote, bubinga, camatillio, cocobolo, east idian rosewood, brazilian rosewood, lacewood, Macassar ebony, madagascar rosewood, Oregon myrtlewood, ovangkol, padauk, palo escrito, pau ferro, walnut, zebrawood, zicote, pink ivory, imbuya, pau rosa, and redwood. There are other woods that are good but that is what I could think of off the top of my head.
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