Ok so i using a marshall mg 30fdx..............w/e im getting a new amp for xmas tube but yeah for now i was wondering if i should get a eq and a noise gate pedal to make me sound more like metal or if there a good distortion pedal also i want to sound like trivium
children of bodom,pantera,a7x etc i want to spend less then 200 any help will be great thanks
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Well an EQ and a Noise Gate wont help your current amp. And they arent even really neccessary for your soon to be tube amp. I would save that $200 for your next amp, even if it is going to be an X-Mas present. The more money you can save for a better amp the better. Get a good amp first, then start loading up on pedals.

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i think you should just sell the MG, and get a BOSS MD-2 for your new tube amp
or maybe an overdrive for a boost
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Anyways, threadstarter, do you know what amp youll be getting for x-mas? Or like what price range it will be in?