Hey, this is my first recording in a loooong time, I usually stick to powertabs because I'm not that great of a player, but I didn't have enough time to tab this out last night, so you all get a recording. I hope it's not too terrible, and that you all enjoy it...

It's "Untitled", and the link to it is in my signature.

Any and all critique is appreciated, but remember, this is just a rough draft. =)
Pretty cool, Id make the flanger more dry because its a bit distracting over the guitar and add some drums to help it flow a bit more. Keep it up!
I don't really know what you mean by more dry... There's not much I can do with it because it's on my amp(Roland Cube 30).. And I have no way to add drums really... I'll try to add some drums in if/when I record the final product.
By making it dry i mean the effect needs to be turned down more so that it dosent overpower the guitar.