I've had this same pair of strings on my bass since Febuary and I can never keep them in tune, but they sound fine once back in tune...

Are there signs like this to look for when you need new strings or do you have to replace them periodically?
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When they look dirty and sound dull, or one of them break from overplaying. Thats when I change.
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Seven months of intensive playing would have killed off any regular guitar string, but bass strings are a bit different. It all depents on what kind of tone you want. If you want instant attack, lots of brightness and sustain, you'll probably end up changing strings quite often. But many bass players find such a sound too edgy and nervous and like their strings well broken in. Using the same set of strings up to a year is common practise.
So the first criterium is your own taste. If you feel your strings are not as good as they used to be, change them.
A good objective indication you'll get from reading the electronic tuner. If it becomes very hard to dial in a pure note and you see the gauche wander up and/or down while the note is ringing, the string is garbage.
well, I change them when they get all rusty and it affects my playing,
I used to think, when I started playing guitar, that i need to change strings like every week and a half, apperantly, my fretboard was just dirty, so dont get confused.
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When they wear down to half their thickness aroiund the frets. If you're "metal" enough, that is.
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personally I change when they either snap, or sound like shit.

When they sound like shit is a matter of personal preference

However, I would probably change more often (I change about every 2 months or so) if strings weren't so expensive
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it's all about preference. however, when strings have lost all their brightness andthe tone sounds deadened, that would probably be a good indicator to change strings.
It's all about preference +1. I know I LOVE to play mine untill they either snap, or start doing wierd things... like just now the top coil on between 2nd fret and 3rd came off... time for new strings anyways, I need some 8's instead of these 9's so that I can learn my parts better.
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