hey everyone,
well this is my first Floyd Rose floating bridge on a guitar and im having some problems . i have an ESP LTD and of coure it has the floyd rose bridge, well a couple of my strings are getting in pretty bad shape and i am wanting to change them. I think I know how to do it but i need some advice on the easiest way to do it, so please someone help me out, greatly appreciated! also, do i need a little block of wood or something study to jam under the bridge before i change the strings? thanks alot
A lot of people would recommend taking off the strings one by one and then replacing the string after taking it off. Personally, I just take them all off and shove something under the bridge (such as a block of wood) and then restring that way. If you don't use a block of wood, it will be really hard to string it because the springs will make it quite hard to lift the bridge. Also, which model is it?
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I've recently bought my first guitar with a Floyd Rose bridge and the same happened to me. First remove the clamps on the nut. Then loose screw of the string or strings you want to change at the back of the bridge. After that, cut the ball end on the string and insert the end of the string where thw other one was tighten again the screw, tune up, tighten the clamps and thats it.
Hope it was useful
1. Stick something under the Floyd Rose. (I used a shim.)
2. Get an allen wrench, take off the strings.
3. Put in the new strings.
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It's a ESP LTD MG-750. So it sounds like I need to get something very hard and durible to shove under the bridge (wood, any other suggestions?), very well . My friend told me he used his drivers licence LOL, i would have thought that would snap the licence in half...But thanks for all your help guys