Which Distortion pedal would best fit in with my set up: (I dont have either of these yet but i'm getting them soon): ESP LTD MH-400 and for my amp i'm gonna probably get the Peavy XXL http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Peavey-XXL-100W-Guitar-Amp-Head?sku=481356 unless someone can suggest a better amp head for the price, i'm gonna run it through my Crate cab with 4x12's. I play stuff like All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, and Children of Bodom.

Anyways, i'm always lookin' on musiciansfriend.com and reading reviews on pedals and amps and what-not... but after reading reviews i really get irritated with all the people saying great things and then people saying retarded negatives... I need opinions from other metal-heads... What would be the best Distortion pedal for my set up(you could also suggest a different Head as well) but i've heard alot of good things about the MT-2, the DS-1, and the MX-120(i THINK it's the MX-120..). But which one really is the best for my set-up and style of music, thanks.

And i live in Montana, so going to a Guitar Center to try these things out isnt an option.
Try the Maxon overdrives, they are quite nice and have a very important featire not common on factory pedals (true bypass)
First off, if youre going to get an XXL (Ill rant about this in a moment) then why do you need a distortion pedal? Its got 3 channels. Two of which have more usable gain then anybody will EVER need. Why buy an amp with three channels and use only the clean channel???

I cant express how much I hate the XXL. Its like rap and the MT-2 put together for me. No matter how much I tweak with it I cant find a decent distortion setting. Its so thin and tinny. And there is NO BASS. I have it hooked up to two matching Peavey cabs and there is no thump...no low end at all.

I could go on forever about how horible it is...but instead Ill just say for that price you can get a good used Marshall tube head or a used Peavey XXX or a Peavey 5150/6505.