I'm thinking about buying a new guitar and i was wondering which would be nicer, a Gibson SG Faded or a higher end epiphone les paul, maybe a custom. they both go for about the same amount so i wanted to know which was better.

They both sound pretty much the same, so it's real a matter of asthetics. The Les Paul Custom is one of the nicest looking guitars out there. If you can afford it, go with a Black Beauty.
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I'd deffinately go for the Les Paul. With Gibson, even though they are good guitars, you're still paying for the name. I have a high-end Epiphone Les Paul (Standard Plus) and I'm quite happy with it.
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Faded are supposed to be kinda ****ty. I picked one up off thge wall at the local GC but didn't even bother to plug it in, felt cheap.
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Epiphone Elitists are fine.
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if your going to buy a gibson, get a good one, not the cheap ones. if your lookin for SG then you want to get standard or 61 reissue.

go for the LP. High end Epi>Low end gibby imo
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Agile Les Paul 3000.

That's what you should get. Who cares about the brand, they own.
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