I own a Peavey Raptor I international series electric guitar, im not sure how old it is, but its in pretty good condition. I was wondering how much guitar center would give me for a trade in on it, and how to find out how much its worth. Thanks!
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well you gotta see how much they sell for brand new and thats not a rare guitar so it prolly woudln't bring much
For a Raptor? You'd get almost nothing for a trade-in. They'd want to sell it for around $130, you'd maybe get $50. Selling privately is the way to go, because you can get all of that $130.

As for how much it is worth, look how much a brand-new one is, take off about 20% for the fact that it's been owned before, and take off money for each ding/cosmetic flaw. I bought a $200 practice amp, and sold it for about $80 two years later. No cosmetic flaws. That's about how it goes.
I think Peavy Raptors can be picked up new for $150, so about $70-$80 selling it on i would think.