I was wondering what you guys would suggest would be a good first guitar. I like alot of hard rock metal and then some softer stuff like sublime. Guys at guitar center suggested eather an Ibanez RG120 or a Squier strat. I was looking on guitarcenter.com and there is another ibanez called the GRX20 that is 50$ cheaper than the RG120. What do you guys think would be best for me starting and as someone who mostly likes metal .

fav bands are In flames, avenged sevenfold, dragonforce
Go for the Ibanez.
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AS a person who did start out with a squier for the love of god do not pick one. They are not good at all. I've had it almost 2 years and the body's going to hell and the sound isn't good at all. Do yourself a favor and get the ibanez.
definately the ibanez its way better quality for the money
alright most people i have asked and now you guys have said ibanez. Should i spend the extra 50 for the RG? Im on a really tight budget, i dont want to spend anymore than 200 for my first guitar. Is the RG better?
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Spring for the RG, man. It's worth the money for a good starters guitar.
it just IS better.
better material, quality etc. etc.
RGs are distinctly ibanez and they have a prestige series or ordinary ones.
RX20, is a cheapo guitar.
try them both out see which you like better.
its all up to you, i say what FEELS better is better, the sound is just, amp driven/pick up driven
ah so many decisions, iv been looking at these like custom painted squier telecasters and strats, so many options! squiers seem more versitile than ibanez but ill see
seriously, listen to what these people are saying, squires are ungodly awful, really man, they suck, the wood most of em are made out of make excellent firewood, cause agathis burns really good, but i bet you don't want firewood for a guitar, seriouly, the RG IS WORTH IT, lol 50 bucks is really not much at all for a much better guitar, but w/e u want dude
May I Suggest, For Under 300, Dollars, a Washburn X-Series Guitar.
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Don't listen to these idiots... and Afinity Squier Strat is just fine for a beginner. But I digress that the RG is probably the best for the music you listen to. Or the Dean that aznrockerdude suggested. I have one in my hands right now.
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