Hello everyone!

I just got a marshall jcm 2000 dsl 100 half stack and im not to familiar with the hook ups. i know ur suppose to keep the impedence settings the same with the head and cabinet...

But which is better....to have it on 4 ohms or 8 ohm or 16 ohms? any input would be helpful. thanx
it doesn't matter, so long as you match them. They are just there to give you more versatiliy with using other cabs.
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If the cab's input is 8ohms...set the head to 8ohms. Thats really about it untill you start mixing and matching different cabs.
dude nice choice of amp
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how much did that set you back
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honestly not as much as i thought!....i went to guitar center....they had the package for $1950.00 and thats what i like about GC is that u can bargain with them....its not like the website where that is the final price....so i got them to go down to $1600 out the door... and i sold them a guitar for $600 so in essence it just set me back a $1000 bones...not bad for a JCM right..

now i gots to experiment! anybody have an settings suggestion?

I would like a metal tone as well as a henry garza from los lonely boys tone...i know he uses a tube screamer.
nice deal
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