Ok, bassist here. I need to up my 6 string guitar Chops for personal reasons, and ive come to sweep picking.

3 days ago if you'd ask me to use a pick i'd slap you

Obviously ive changed my mind, for as much as i try, i've realized fingers aren't meant for electric guitar (classical of course is another story acoustic too, and some fingepicking... but we're talking METAL guitar lol).

LONG STORY SHORT: i've got a short vid of my sweep picking technique, and actually, altho its bad, im proud ive gotten this far with a pick in 2 days! but i still want opinions on how my sweeping technique itself is, how the right hand is doing, the left hand im not too worried about.


im aware, btw, that not all the notes are coming out, i was focusing on right hand there, im still crap needless to say.
Okay, first off let me say that I'm not that great at sweep picking and can barely do it myself. This doesn't mean that I suck at guitar, it's just i get to lazy and don't like practicing new things like sweep picking every day ( which isn't good at all).

By the way, you can completely ignore this if someone who actually is good at sweep picking says something way better but anyways :

1 - I find it's hardest to have both hands going for the same note at the same time ( one hand with the pick hitting the string while you push on the string with the other finger). Because of this I would say start off slowly and just practice and practice and slowly build up speed.
2 - This can be included in number 1, but use a metronome. I don't know how many times you have heard this but it's very helpful because you can increase the tempo a little bit every so often( I'm not going to say how long you should practice a certain speed because I believe it differs from one person to another).
3 - Don't try to go super fast right away, because if you do then it will just suck... unless you sell your soul to the devil or are just incredibly lucky.

Anyways thats all the advice I have for ya.
Good luck with the sweep picking,
There's a really good video for sweeping in the lessons section.

It's a whole 14 minute video about sweeping.
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The Marc Seale vid is awesome. The main thing I noticed about your sweeping is that you've gotta relax your picking hand. Marc talks about it in the video.
Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you
Take things rreally slowly at first, and use your metronome always. Don't fall into the trap of rushing ahead and developing a sloppy sweep picking technique! It takes time and effort.
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Can anyone give an example of a song that uses sweeping tastefully? It seems like most of the ones I've heard just use it for wanking.
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ok yea that was really bad...lol. no offense or anything i understand you are new. one this your doing wrong is doubling up on the end notes. dont do that, play 1 note on 1 string at a time unless your pulling off. also go waaay slower. like 40 bpm to start. practice your 3 string sweeps and get them comfortable at a moderate speed before you start trying 5 and 6 string sweeps
i double up the end notes on the sweeps to make it work with the timing. the 3 string sweeps would end up played as sixteenth notes, in 4 note groups, and the 5 string sweeps would be played as triplet sixteenths (or triplet eights) in 6 (or 3) note groups.

i know for a fact you can play it either way, and i chose this way, nothing wrong with that.

and i know to start slow, but i dont want to go to slow, or i find (even marc seal says this) that i end up picking every note instead of "Sweeping" since the pick "waits" for each note.