ok I have been playing for 2 1/2 years and all I have EVER done is play cover song through tabs from this site. Now I really want to learn how to write my own songs and solo(especially solos!!) But I not the slightest clue where to start. I know theres supposed to be like certain chords tht go good together and some that just plane DONT but how do you learn that and as far as solos go I know you can pick out a "main" chord or something but how do I determin what scale to play and once I do how do you combind patterns in the scale to make it sound right. Once again I know NOTHING on song writing or reading music or ANYTHING might as well just think of me as a complete idiot, but I am just really sick of playing cover songs of metallica and slipknot and so on. I want my own stuff. For those of you who will repond with this it is I am major gratefull to you guys I just really need help getting started

thanks SO much once again
and if you couldnt tell, the music I want to play is like metallica and trivium
Might wanna learn some theory, get a teacher, or try and some find some helpful beginner videos, or look at the lessons part of the site
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MANY lessons and columns on this site will help you immensely. Since you've kind of narrowed it down what you want to learn (and you're also new to writing stuff), here are the essentials that should pretty much benefit you more than anything:
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Chord Progressions - The title explains it all. You're a beginner. You want to learn chord progressions. Voila. That's a great starting point for a song.
So You Are Writing a Solo - Yeah, I only chose that column in particular because is was the one I wrote. There were, like, 14 other columns about soloing, though. Just search "solo" in columns at the main "Guitar Tab" page of the site, and you can find more if needed.
Learning Music Theory: The Beginning - It's long as hell, but informative like you wouldn't believe. It has WAY too many awesome things in it. Having a good knowledge of theory always helps in writing your own stuff, and understanding other music as well. I think that's a great way to get you started on theory.

Those are the bare essentials, but they should be great to get you started. Good luck writing your own stuff!