Hey whats a good way to record my music?
I really have no idea about any recording equipment and want to know something thats cheap and will get my music from my guitar on the computer or a cd or something
Im not worried about vocals or other instruments - just my guitar

i just had this forum in the pit but some guy said i shoud do it here
i have windows -not mac
and some guy was talking about free stuff from the internet and said "run a guitar cable from the line out/headphone jack on your amp into the line in on your computer"
how do i get it into my computer?

but yah im just looking to get my songs on the computer
I think R&R will give you a better response, but...

I was in your same situation last month. I just bought a cheap computer mic from radio shack, downloaded audacity, and boom. Started recording. Since I can't turn it up to loud since my uncle stays in the room right below the room I record in, I plug in headphones and turn the volume up with the mic next to the heaphones.
if you have like 150 bucks you can get a pandorasbox, its kinda like an amp head that fits into your plam. thats what i use, its sounds great to me
try the riffs and recordings forum. search around there and see what people recomend. you can go anywhere from $5 up when spending to record guitar, and obviously the sound reflects the ammount you spend. that goes from running the cable from your amp to your computer, to micing your amp and running that to a recording soundcard.
^ i got 2 condensor mics and a preamp for $100. even if i just had to run that into my onboard soundcard, id still take the mics over the v-amp. im just a fan of micing amps and guitars, tho obviously its not the best for everyone.
i got a 4 track recorder at Guitar Gallorey for 75$ beacuse they didnt have the box or manuel that come with it. i found the maunel on the internet and who the **** needs the box. anyway. it has been a great little toy. it make song writing easier when you can listen to your guitar as you put down the words. ummm alot of cheap 4 track recorders go for about 100 - 200$. its well worth the money. and if you feel it necessary charge your buiddies to lay down a track or 2 and youll eventualy get your money back. theres also tons of free programs on the internet you can use to "tweek" your music once youve got in on the computer. it would be well worth the money to get a 4 track.
And how to get the 6.5mm jack of the guitar cable into the 3.5mm jack of your computer- push real hard! lol, no, go to your local electronics shop, and see of they have a converter plug thing that goes from 6.5mm to 3.5mm, they are cheap! i bought mine for AU$4