Im left handed but i play guitar right handed. Ive been playing for a few years and IM decent. The more i try to increase my speed with a metronome the more awkward i feel. I know thats natural but ive heard that the way my hands are connected to my brain, i would actually do better playing left handed. Ive attempted it and its like starting over. Does anyone know if it would be worth my time to "re-teach" myself left handed?
dang man, how come you didnt just start playing left hand in the first place?
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Probably not if youve already been playing for a few years.

There is a better selection of right handed guitars over left handed ones....I learned that the hard way
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i think u shud stick with playing right handed even im a lefty but play right handed and now im realized that i made the right decision and besides, your dominant hand becomes your fretting hand which mite even make you good at playing fast
My mom bought me a right handed guitar, so i just learned that way. And yeah, its definitely easier to find right hnded guitars.
Im on the same boat as u, man. But i've been playing for a few years too...that would be a really big sacrifice...and its not like im getting younger. I have the same problem as u too.

Edit : This is a very interesting subject. This thought has never crossed my mind before until recently. I realised that my right hand is at its peak (130 bpm on 16th the most). Note that I've been practicing the right way for a long time now, and yet I feel like Im unable to attempt the songs I like to play because of my slow picking speed. Is this somehow related to me playing a right handed guitar?

The thought occured to me recently during school break when for the past 1 month and a half i've been practicing my picking for at least 2 hours a day, and I've not seen any improvement as compared to how fast I was before that.

Its not like I'll be changing anything, though. I've been playing for years now and I dont want to start back from square one again...Im already 18 as it is. I didnt know that there was such a thing as a left handed guitar before i started (i was a noob...everybody was).

Playing wise, everything's ok i guess, only when it comes to speed. Im incredibly slow...and my right hand never seems to improve. I feel like its been like this for a long time now . I feel frustrated.
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