I've been a bit of a punk guitarist for a bit over two years and I've recently been asked t join a metal band. I like metal a good bit, but I'm a total idiot on how to actually LEARN how to play it. It's mostly black/death metal (kind of like Mayhem and Morbid Angel, the typical stuff, not symphonic black metal) type stuff. Any certain scales I should practice, songs to start with to help this progression?

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks UG Community.
my band switches between metal and punk all the time, so u shouldnt have a problem cuz i never do. I dunno what to suggest, just do it
Well, I've never really learned anything besides punk. I've never had lessons and I'm pretty lame as far as scales go. So, I really need a few things to brush up on, but I don't know what to do.
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There are a bunch of good bands to learn from that are metal that will significantly help your playing style. Emperor combine alot of different styles of playing. Try learning the intro to Acclamation of Bonds (probably spelt wrong), or Thus Spake the Nightspirit. Inno A satana is pretty difficult as well. Necrophagist are extremly difficult but you can sift through the songs to find some awesoem playable riffs. DEATH are the best band to learn. Try spirit crusher, symbolic, trapped in a corner. Theres a whole world to explore in metal...make sure you learn the good **** though because theres alot of copy cat bull out there that isnt really metal. Good luck
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As cliche as it is, try learning some Metallica or Black Sabbath to give you an idea of metal riffage (obviously not all metal bands are like them but they're a good starting point). Metal also likes to emphasize the flat fifth, aka tritone, a lot, to give a kind of dark sound.
Iron maiden is another great band.
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I appreciate all of the suggestions everyone (especially Luke and bangoodcharlotte). Now, off to my hermitage to learn.
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Now about the actual guitaring :

Use phrygian, diminished and minor scales (natural, harmonic and melodic).

You should know already that metal guitar is almost always more demanding than punk guitar (except in cases of nu metal, or tech punk, but then i dont even consider nu metal to be metal)

Are you going to be rythmn guitar or lead guitar in the band? or Only guitar? It actually makes a big difference on your role, so its an important question. Look at Iron maiden, and check out how the guitar's do lead riffage. In, "The Trooper", they have that lead riff going on, and im not sure, but i think theres atleast one guitar just doing the powerchords to go along with it, but theyre two totally different things to play, so find out what you'll be doing most of the time.