Usually when i do a power chord,i mute all other strings,in case i hit one of them(strumming).I mean i try to be as accurate as possible with my strumming,but if i really wanna strum powerful,i hit other strings by accident,so i mute them instead.Does anyone else do this?Be honest.I havent found any problems with it.
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i just hit the top 3 on thier own. dont hav a problamo. u should just prob practice more i guess
i do exactly the same...i just mute the strings i don't want played...and i can never hear them when they're muted. I only hear the noise of the strings I'm holding down

so it works a treat for me =D
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yea i do the same thing, bud. nothign wrong with it,. in fact it will come in handy when you move on to more complicated shapes.
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Most people do mute the unwanted strings. It's just simpler than just strumming certain strings.
Me too....

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yeah, thats a good way to do it, although some chords sound very nice with open strings under them...

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