Ok heres the thing, there is like noone in our town that plays any instruments except for like 10 people. There is one band in our school and they are all pretty good friends of mine. Now me(guitar) and my best friend(bass) want to start a band but have no drummer or singer. The band in our school said we should just join forces. But that would mean we would have 2 basses?! Is that even possible, wouldn't it sound really muddy. The line-up would be (I wont use names I'll use numbers)

3-(best friend)Bass

Should we just have one of the bassists switch to a guitar or keyboards maybe? Or would this 2 bass thing work out? (sorry if this is confusing)
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it could work, you would just have to play different stuff, you know? maybe one of them play something high, the other low

its unusual, so hey more power to you.
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THe low end would be very cluttered. I think one should learn something else, or stick it out, and one will probably quit.

ive thought bout 2 bassists in my band,but it was hard enough finding 1, lol and if would be awsome if it was harmonzied really well, and ppl might hear that you have 2 bassists and that could intrigue them, i say try it and if you hate it get rid of 1
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Well I just got a call from my friend (guitar/vocals) he and his band think it will be the greatest thing on earth if we have 2 basses lol, well i guess we should try it out you know balance the sound and stuff
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deffly post recording i really wanna hear it
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If you play some kind of harder music, one of the bassists could play distorted. There's nothing cooler than distorted bass.
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One bassist should play a more guitar like part as in what the bassist from tool does sometimes and the other should just keep the bottom going. And when you guys want really intense and deep feel they can just play the same thing or harmonize each other. If one of them knew how to play keyboard that would be even better because then he could just switch between the two.
it could be cool. differant anyway. idk if it will work, but its better than just guitar and bass.
The problem is you have two guitars and two basses.

It will be pretty muddy if you have both basses in the bottom end, but move one bass up an octave or so, and you're in low guitar territory. You would have to be very conscious of what range each instrument is playing in, especially if you started jamming or something.

It would probably be easiest if one bassist could double on piano, to give a different sound, but either way it could be worked out. It would just require work and some creativity.
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Just make sure that each instrument stands out in either frequency range or the actual timbre of the instrument ( distorted bass/"high" EQ'd bass/clean guitar/distorted guitar etc etc ). That or harmonize and have lead/rhythm players for each instrument.
Ooooooh, no.

The reason the standard rock line up is 2 guitars/1 bass is because it gives a full sound, especially if you have one guitar playing low and one guitar playing high. One bass is enough to compete with two guitars, and fills out the sound. There's a reason there are very few effective lead-bassists - because the role of the bass is simply to fill out the low end.

Have you ever heard one of those bands where you have a bassist and then two guitarists who're playing really low and bassy? It sounds absolutely horrible. If you have two bassists, it would be even worse.

The only way you could get away with this if you were EXTREMELY creative (and I don't mean just having one bassist playing an octave higher or playing different parts - that wouldn't be enough).

Also, on a more logistical point, venues only have one bass amp, so you'll have problems gigging.
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you could make one of the basses really synthy and distorted to play piano-esque parts. but yer this'd definately be an interesting project.
tell one of the bassists to learn piano, and if you dont want piano well 2 basses is kinda odd and would probably get very muddy, but hey have a practice and if it sounds stupid try to teach one of em another instrument (or kick the worse one out)
one bassist could play the same thing one octave higher...

it be pretty retarded, but its worth looking in to

Plug them into 1- 30 watt amp :P, wont it overpower all the treble, unless you use treble pedals (is there such thing?)
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ive always wanted to jam with 2 bassists,

maybe if one plays les claypool style, and the other plays a rythum type bass,

cool, good luck
Can either of them sing? This would be better, also, make them learn harmonica - cuz it rocks.
2 basses=retarded. having an extra bassist in a band is like having an extra y chromosome
My old band had two bassists when we started out. But the other one left because it sounded crappy together. Plus he wasn't as good as me.
ive recorded songs that have to bass parts, but then again in the style of music i play the bass is usuallyu used for the melody while the guitar is used to create atmosphere, but the way i do it is that one bass play a solid rythm line and the other plays a more melodic line over it in the same key.
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I'm toying with the idea of arranging a Funkadelic song where one bass mirrors (as best it can) the guitar line, and the other pedals on the root note of the chords. Can't tell you how it sounds in practise though. You could trying doing stuff like that.
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IMO 1 bassist is too much.
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IMO 1 bassist is too much.

Shut up.

Two bassists, like everyone here has said, would be very, very muddy.

I agre with Esteban, have one of the bassists learn keyboard/piano.
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Ooooooh, no.
Also, on a more logistical point, venues only have one bass amp, so you'll have problems gigging.

Every gig I've ever played has either been with our own amps or going through a PA.

Unless one of the two is extremely talented the chances of it working are not high. Maybe using effects on one bass that plays lead, while the other bass holds down the low end.

A 5 or 6 string bass would come in handy for the lead stuff also.
I don't think anything's wrong with it, as long as you're playing different things. Iron Maiden could use two bassists, in my opinion. Some bands it doesn't really suit, so it depends on the style.
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Shut up.I agre with Esteban, have one of the bassists learn keyboard/piano.


I think keys would work better than 2 bassists. And I don't see the point in bassists playing in octaves (that's basically what the guitar do).
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get one bassist to play simple root notes/low end lines and get the other to play a simple high end melody. sure its boring for both of you but it will fit
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