Alright, I'm on real low budget, but I'm curious as to if there are any good floor processors out that are actually decent, but not too expensive... Like the RP-80 I suppose, I want something like that.

I play metal and all that fun stuff, but I just want a good processor with an arsenal of effects.

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Deoends on how much is too expensive.
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Check out the V-amp stuff. You can turn off the amp and speaker sims if you want, and you've got a whack of fully programmable fx for real cheap. Get the X-Vamp, and you even get a built-in expression pedal for less than $100!

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have a look at the zoom g2's as well, 32-bit 24khz - its pretty good as far as specs go compared to these other ones. It does come down to personal preference, perhaps the zoom's amp models are kind of average, but it massively excels at the sheer ammount of effects and delays available - i mean there are 3 different noisegate models (and 5 seconds of delay available, there are a few types of delay) and you can also make your guitar sound pretty synthy with it.