Hey, i was just wondering which one i should buy? the epiphone g-400, epiphone g-400 vintage or the epiphone g-400 gothic??? at the place im looking at they're all exactly the same price and have pretty much the same componentes (i think) the only difference i can find is the finish. please help!!!!!
I recently got the G-400 Gothic Version and I love it. I have played the regular Epiphone G-400 and couldn't find a difference in playablility, so I guess go with what you think looks better.
i replaced the pickups on my gothic...
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id say gothic.....that looks FECKING awesome!
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the difference between those 3 are only finishes, since the wood, pickups, hardware etc, is all the same.

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my friend has the G-400, it's nice, but i'm a les paul guy, so i'd recomend the Les Paul 100, it's really nice, for 250, i mean it has everything the standard does except set neck, and trapezoid inlays
nothing big.
but the G-400 is nice too, same thing