These are two songs my band currently plays, i dont know what i think about the lyrics, but it think it sounds good to the music. also the last song im gonna put up i just wrote and havent even showed the band yet


anticipation slowly building
its begging for release
im getting close and feeling your body
gonna steal in for a kiss

chorusi read the signs wrong
made a mistake
thought we had something
but it was fake
thought i made a safe bet
downhill from there
lets just say my chances tanked

feeling akward all alone
afraid to answer the phone
dont know what to say to you except
i made a mistake

chorus x2

and another

anger bubbles

you look so cute when your asleep
lying in bed next to me
embrace you in my arms
i hope youll feel safer now than ever
are you feeling alright?
am i getting closer?
are you comfortable with me?

chorus we danced we sang we had a good time
we sang we danced we had a ball
we danced we sang we had a good time
we sang we dance we had the time of our lives

im not too great with words
ill speak to you through poetry
hope you know im not literal
im speaking to you figuratively

empty feeling
funky breahting
wont you tell me
this aint healing
i cant fight it
i try to fill it
anger bubbles
gonna kill it

back to chorus

untitled new song
you should probably know now
that you are alone but why
dont you just understand
things wont be ok
so please dont lie to me
and say that its alrght


dont fake it x2
dont make me see the light
dont fake it x2
dont lie and say itll be alright

im trying x2
but do i look ok

im dieing
im crying
why did you have to say

i guess that i know now
why im alone but i
still cant comprehend
you said it was ok
and i know thats a lie
nothing feels alright

chorus, but at the very end "why did you have to say" add "it's over"